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Fresh Air & Frozen Lakes, January 2018

It feels like we’ve been stuck in the house for a month. Biting cold temperatures have hampered our usual outdoor excursions. With the exception of a brief snow tubing trip, we’ve been hunkered down under sweater coats, hats and mittens.  Today however, the temps spiked above 40 degrees…a virtual heat

Grand Adventures Collide, August 2015

My child has a hard time wrapping her brain around the idea that Mommy had a life before her. She’s skeptical of stories I tell of grand adventures in New York and Connecticut (okay, “grand adventures” may be a bit of poetic license but you get the idea). She raises

Pushing Spring…Mission Failure & Giant Lemons

After I returned home from work today, the natives were restless and wanted to enjoy some of this early Spring weather. I would have preferred to take a nap, but who am I to restrict my child’s fresh air intake? We did actually have a mission to accomplish relating to

Foodie Stuff & Friends

We all lead busy lives…work, kids, homes, pets and all of the treats and tasks that come along with them.  Although we try for a monthly outing, sometimes our schedules just don’t work in our favor.  Last night, though, three of my dearest friends went out for dinner – to

Potluck…The Locavore Challenge Gathering

To celebrate the finale of the Locavore Challenge, participating bloggers and challenge-takers gathered at the Longview Market for a little Potluck meal…great company, yummy local culinary creations and some time with our friends at the farm. We are looking forward to great things this coming Spring from our friends at

The Locavore Challenge Round-Up

We loved participating in the Greener Partners’ Locavore Challenge last month. While we did not do it perfectly, it did allow us to focus more on eating thoughtfully rather than eating conveniently. Here’s a quick round-up of our take-aways: 1) Get the kids involved:  Becoming a Locavore is a great opportunity

The Nature of Discovery…A little scary, a little beautiful.

This is a bit of a departure from my typical post. – no adorable babies, no bright shining faces, no pretty products, yet here are a few images of which I am quite fond – for very different reasons.  I’ve been looking forward to our little day trip into the

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