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Family Portraits, Long Beach Island, August 2017

Do you know the best thing to think about on a cold snowy day?  The beach, of course!  For this family session, we met at one of my very favorite locations.  I love this spot not just for portraits, but for a good mind-clearing dose of salt air.  You can

For the Love of Sand & Sea ~ Tiny Assistant, Summer 2015

It’s been pleasantly busy around here and I have so many wonderful client experiences to share with you! But first, here’s a small glimpse into our summer. We were very fortunate to take a mini-vacation to our favorite shore destination this month. We arrived in the evening and she was

LBI Photo Walk – Looking Again

I made a comment to my Mother yesterday while we were driving down Long Beach Boulevard in Surf City, Long Beach Island.  We had just passed 7th Street, the short lane to the beach front house that holds many of my childhood summer memories: “You know, I don’t consider us

Abstraction: A Projects Gallery Exhibition

I am excited to share with you the piece that was selected for the Projects Gallery Abstraction exhibition: Although my focus is not solely devoted to abstract work, I find the process of discovering a new composition within something that may be more traditional or common to be energizing to my

The Memory of Morning on the Island

“Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.” ~ The Old Man and the Sea    My Grandfather would sit for hours looking at the ocean – from our deck, from the dune or, when it

Uncommon Beauty: A Photography Field Trip

Heading into last weekend, I started with a goal to capture images of the sunrise over the ocean. While I did make it to the beach in time to enjoy the sunrise, it was not the resulting photos that sparked my excitement. The images were pretty and the experience enjoyable, but it fell

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