Fresh Air & Frozen Lakes, January 2018

It feels like we’ve been stuck in the house for a month. Biting cold temperatures have hampered our usual outdoor excursions. With the exception of a brief snow tubing trip, we’ve been hunkered down under sweater coats, hats and mittens.  Today however, the temps spiked above 40 degrees…a virtual heat wave in comparison to the blustery numbers that have stalled on the winter thermometers this January. And so out into the wild, or rather, out into one of our many beautiful local parks we went!

She was a little disgruntled at the thought of missing a warm, cozy morning under her blanket, but I assured her it would be worth it.  And then with only few steps towards the frozen lake, she changed her tune…”Mom! This is amazing.”  She ran along the shoreline, chipped at the frozen rocks and happily sat on the edge of the crackling ice with me hovering nearby, with my shutter clicking away.

Fresh air, frozen lakes and happy face.

Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth

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