We found a weekend…

It is a busy time of year. Fall wraps around us quickly: back to school, sports, fall events, holiday prep…all. of. the. things. Given my profession, it is even busier…during October, I believe I spent a total of two days not working. Phew! I have so many wonderful family session to share with you, but first, a little glimpse our world right now. As this weekend came around, I actually got nervous that I was forgetting something.

We slept in! That kind of crazy is unheard of in the Fall.  I took to my couch in my flannel grasping my coffee mug in fear that it would disappear as a cruel joke. We ate breakfast, in our home and not in the car! Then, after a brief work appointment (yeah, so it wasn’t an entirely free day), we skipped over to Chestnut Hill for a late lunch. Brisk air outside, the smell of a burning fireplace somewhere in the background and streets starting to dress for the holidays…perfect.

We window shopped. Fighting the urge to purchase right now, instead we added the first of items to our Christmas wish list. A map book and rain stick for her, a gold frame for me…lots of “oooo’s and aaaahhh’s” from both of us.

After grabbing a hot cup of goodness from the usual stop, we headed out. Perhaps our favorite things of the day? The rivers of Ginko leaves covering ground.  We swam through the sidewalks of soft yellow and of course I made her capture a few moments…

Enjoy your weekend!

~ Beth & Tiny Assistant


One Reply to “We found a weekend…”

  1. Ro Foley says:

    Love this Beth! So descriptive that I was right there with you and Sarah
    enjoying that beautiful day!

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