Summer 2016, Part One

If you are anything like me, this weekend you were running through your summer bucket list, mentally checking off items and trying to squeeze in the last bit of vacation goodness before the end of the day. I also try to push away thoughts of disappointment at experiences missed. Even though we did get to the beach, we did not go camping. A big check for fishing, an empty box for the zoo. Camping or not, we had a wonderful time during these three months and I am sad to see it end.

You see, I do not count down the days of summer because I am anxious for the school bus to pull up to the house. I count the days of summer to see how many more we can fill. Out of all of the activities we tried, our favorites (as usual) involved water…the ocean, a lake, fish or boats…we’ll take it all! As one of our adventures, the little one and I tried our skill at paddleboarding…and now we’re hooked!

We fell in love with Marsh Creek State Park and it’s views and lake and breeze and boats. It’s a shame we did not discover it sooner. On the first of two days exploring the lake, we took to the boat and the little one jumped on a paddle board while I ran back and forth down the shoreline following her. On the second day, thinking it would be much smarter to be in the water with her, I jumped, or rather, crawled onto a paddle board myself. After a few minutes finding my balance, it proved to be one of my better decisions.

Boating and paddle boarding now tops the list for next summer…please enjoy the first of a few posts documenting our summertime adventures.

IMG_3176 IMG_3607

Comp1-0902 IMG_3611 IMG_3648 IMG_3735


(Note: The majority of our personal vacation and recreational pictures are taken via smart phone)

Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth

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