Grand Adventures Collide, August 2015

My child has a hard time wrapping her brain around the idea that Mommy had a life before her. She’s skeptical of stories I tell of grand adventures in New York and Connecticut (okay, “grand adventures” may be a bit of poetic license but you get the idea). She raises an eyebrow at the notion of Mommy twenty years ago, living somewhere else with people who are not her people.  To her, Mommy is now, in her home, taking pictures and making her snacks. And she is totally fine with that narrow lens on my life. I, however, look fondly to the past adventures that have led me to now.

This week, we were so lucky to have a visitor from the “grand adventures” of the past. A friend from college and my former studio mate, Jenni, was visiting from the West Coast and we were able to connect for breakfast after eighteen years! It was so nice to see her smiling face and catch up. As expected she and Tiny Assistant hit it off like they were two old friends themselves. The nature girls took to the environment at Ridley Creek State Park and crafted a “squirrel bridge” to appease the little one’s morning whims.




Of course, working “in the dirt” is part of the job for Jenni: she is a fantastically talented ceramic artist. (You should skip right over to see her work…right here!)

After our visit, my daughter promptly asked when we were going to “head West”. Before making that trek, we settled for seeking out access to bigger areas of the creek as the little one is physically pulled to the water like she is secretly a mermaid in disguise.  A few hundred yards downhill and a mis-step into a mud hole led us to a perfect little pocket of water. At just about midday, the sun was fighting its way through the heavy leaf cover of the park trails. And while direct sunlight is never my friend when photographing outdoors, I was so happy to find that not only did we find an accessible pool of clear creek to wash away the mud, the light fell so beautifully on the spot..almost as if I had ordered it that way. From a small footbridge over the creek, I could capture Tiny Assistant in her element.






Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth

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  1. janet says:

    You should take up writing as an additional career venture!

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