For the Love of Sand & Sea ~ Tiny Assistant, Summer 2015

Family Portraits ~ bcm art & photography 2015

Family Portraits ~ bcm art & photography 2015

It’s been pleasantly busy around here and I have so many wonderful client experiences to share with you! But first, here’s a small glimpse into our summer. We were very fortunate to take a mini-vacation to our favorite shore destination this month. We arrived in the evening and she was desperate to touch her toes to the sand. So, I agreed to a “quick walk” after a (long-awaited) locally sourced seafood dinner. My exact words to her were, “We are just going for a walk. You can play on the beach all day tomorrow. Please do not get wet.”


My words were wasted on a much more powerful force – the love of sand and sea. She promptly nested herself in the sand and skipped through the waves without giving a second thought to the plea I had just made. And so it went…a “quick walk” turned into a joyful, albeit messy, hour of play. And I think we were both better for it.












Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth

One comment

  1. Chris says:

    Beth, these are absolutely amazing…. Your daughter is simply radiant, as are you. Congrats on finding something that magnifies your soul. Keep em coming they are amazing

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