The Locavore Challenge Round-Up

We loved participating in the Greener Partners’ Locavore Challenge last month. While we did not do it perfectly, it did allow us to focus more on eating thoughtfully rather than eating conveniently. Here’s a quick round-up of our take-aways:

1) Get the kids involved:  Becoming a Locavore is a great opportunity to instill thoughtful eating habits with your children. It’s not as challenging as you might think! In fact, involving the kids makes the journey much more fun. It is my experience that kids learn by example. I try to bring my 5-year-old with me each week when picking up our CSA share or to special events at the Longview Center for Agriculture. She even attended the CSA kick-off event last Spring. Although she may not have absorbed everything that was discussed, she was introduced to the faces of the program and got to tour the farm. It was a Locavore kick-off for both of us. Read More…

Grow Things ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Grow Things ~ bcm art & photography 2013

2) Try Something New: One of the greatest things about a CSA membership is the access to vegetables that you wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery store.  I’ll admit it, prior to starting this Locavore journey, I was stuck in the routine of the “normal” veggies: lettuce, tomato, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, carrots…and repeat. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those (in fact, I am a huge tomato fan!), but, it was easy, comfortable and I knew what would work with my daughter’s finicky tastes. Belonging to a CSA program and frequenting local farm markets has greatly broadened our vegetable horizons. Read More…

Mini-Locavore in Training ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Mini-Locavore in Training ~ bcm art & photography 2013

3) Join a CSA Program: Community Supported Agriculture Programs offer a way for consumers to access locally grown fruits and vegetables while supporting and engaging with the farmers and local businesses. Shares are offered at the beginning of the season at a set rate with projections of the season’s longevity and yields. Often times, there are multiple options for “purchasing” a share, including work share arrangements, and varying share sizes.  Read More…

Locavore Challenge ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Locavore Challenge ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Finally, we learned to do what we can…little changes now make a bigger long-term impact. If you’re local, don’t forget to hop on over to Greener Partners website to see all of the great things they have in store for Spring…

Enjoy your day!

~ Beth



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