Face Forward: Make Your First Impression Count

You’ve seen them: the 5-year old picture from dinner at a friend’s house, the “better half” of an image that used to include another person, the stuffy school-portrait-like picture and of course, the obvious “selfie”. (I sincerely apologize for actually typing that word on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the self-portrait, but there is a huge difference between the two.) Take a look at your profile picture –  quite possibly the first glimpse your clients and readers will get of the person behind the service. You’re a professional, a writer, a designer, a consultant, a teacher, a planner, an accountant, a doctor or lawyer. You’re providing a professional service to the public or to other organizations. Your words are professional. Your website and blog are professional. Is your profile picture?

Profile Pictures: What Works Best?

Profile Pictures: What Works Best?

Looking professional is not only about how you present yourself in the picture, it’s also about the quality of the image itself. How is it composed? Where is it taken? How are you portraying yourself? Is there great lighting? This can also apply to team portraits. In a quick capture world of 140-character statements and 1-page site visits, making the most of visual impact is an important aspect to consider when presenting your professional profile. Portray your confidence, your whimsy, your creativity…your best self.

Portraits ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Portraits ~ bcm art & photography 2013

Are you ready to rethink your profile portrait? I can help! Let’s talk about your professional profile portraits today: bcmnotesphotography@gmail.com

Enjoy your day!

~ Beth

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