Basements and Bridges: A Mash-Up

Yesterday, I returned to the source – the site that produced my “muse” image.  After not visiting for two years, I wanted to see if anything was different – or perhaps more importantly, if I would see anything differently.  It is not a glamorous spot by any means, in fact, just the opposite. Still, I find it to be as comforting as it is precarious.  It is located under a highly traveled bridge. The bridge spans a river and rail line with a small embankment on which to cross to the walking trail on the other side. When standing under the bridge, the noise of the cars speeding overhead is extremely unsettling, yet I try to stay as long as possible.  I like the contrast between the seclusion of the embankment and the crowded travel of the highway above.  And, of course, there are good things to see.

We'll Cross That When I Come to It ~ bcmnotes 2012

68 ~ bcmnotes 2012

Dreams ~ bcmnotes 2012


In this last image from under the bridge, I especially like the melding of the concrete and the tag…it is almost difficult to tell which happened first – the paint or the distress to the support beam.

Distressing ~ bcmnotes 2012


Today, I walked into a new environment – the basement at the shop. A relatively small space, but definitely not lacking for eye candy.  Despite the differences presented by the obvious open air versus underground environments, the spaces held numerous similarities: seclusion accompanied by nearby “traffic”, a certain neglect brought about by the nature of each location, potentially dangerous access areas and surprising aesthetic value.

The Basement ~ bcmnotes 2012

Sink ~ bcmnotes 2012


Bag & Baggage ~ bcmnotes 2012

Egress ~ bcmnotes 2012


Because of the strength of the similarities between these two environments, I felt a “mash-up”, or to be more technically eloquent, a composite image would be entirely appropriate. And, without having this in mind prior to my site visits, I think this evolved quite nicely:

(Mad)ness ~ bcmnotes 2012

Thank you for following along with my thinking-out-loud method of posting this evening…

Enjoy your night!

~ Beth




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