The Big Picture Show

It was a good day…I got to see great paintings and watch the guys at the shop frame giant vintage posters.  And they were not prints of vintage posters, they were the real deal – big graphics, bold colors, vintage typography. But first, the paintings…

The first painting that came into the shop was completed in 1934 by Yarnall Abbott: “The Haunted House”. I had not heard of Abbott until today and as it turns out, the artist had strong ties to the Philadelphia art community. After a short career as a lawyer, he returned to school, studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He then continued on to become very active in the Philadelphia art scene.  Learn more about Abbott here.

Detail of Yarnall Abbott's "The Haunted House"

The second painting that came through the door was done by Adam Vinson. Trust me, click on the link to see some of Adam’s work.  Today, Adam was also working on the custom frames for the vintage posters along with the shop owner, Jeramie. I had the pleasure of documenting their work. You can check out all of the shop info here.

Custom Framed Vintage Posters:

Custom Framed Vintage Poster: The Detail Work

The Framers

I hope you enjoyed your day too!

~ Beth



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