Weird Science

I spent the better part of this afternoon photographing classes at a local elementary school.  The school’s marketing committee has contracted me to help them design new materials for their campaign to enhance their enrollment.  I got to peek in on Geography class, Computer Lab, a Volleyball game and an auditorium full of restless kids at the end of the day.  My favorite part of the day was after the last bell sounded – the school science club.  Twenty-one little people making all sorts of experiments are led by the school’s 5th Grade Teacher. 

Today, they were learning about the moon.  First, they simulated craters in the moon’s surface by dropping marbles and golf balls onto beds of flour and oatmeal. Next, in an attempt to learn what is like to work in the environment, they were tasked to use very small tools while wearing heavy gloves and glasses.  The little explorers were fully engaged in their activities and just truly enjoyed the hour.


Weird Science – bcmnotes 2011

Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth


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