Snack Break: Cold Veggie Pizza

So, this is a little break from our regularly scheduled programming.  But, hey, a girl’s gotta eat, right?

My great friend and I are hosting a little party tonight…a girls’ night out of sorts.  I joked with her yesterday that hosting together was like Martha Stewart meets Paula Dean.  In fact, she’s probably on lap number four of vacuuming right now. You know, just in case.

One of the items on the menu is a family favorite: Cold Veggie Pizza. A little bit of work for a whole lot of good.  All it takes is a package of crescent rolls. (I chose the buttery kind. You did see that Paula Dean reference up there didn’t you?) Roll the crescent dough out into a flat rectangle on a cookie sheet, sealing any separations in the dough. Cook as directed. In a separate bowl, add a packet of ranch dip mix to an 8oz container of softened cream cheese and set aside. Chop your favorite veggies into small pieces. I went with carrots (shredded), red, yellow and orange peppers, and broccoli. 

My assistant and I decided on these little peppers because, well, they were just too cute to pass up.

One or two may have been snagged for snacking during the preparation process.

After the crescent roll base has cooled, spread the cream cheese mixture across the top.  Then, top it with the veggies.  To serve, cut into squares with a pizza cutter.   

It’s a tasty treat that’s not terrible on the diet…you could use low-fat cream cheese, but I say splurge a little and go for the real stuff.

I am looking forward to a great night!  Food, friends and of course shopping…you see, it’s a jewelry party!  There may be more splurging than just the cream cheese…

Enjoy your evening!

~ Beth

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