Back to the Beginning…

I recently came across this post from Shutter Sisters and I thought it was a good idea to revisit the moment, and image, that solidified my passion for photography.  Remembering our beginnings in a new venture, business, art form or even hobby is always a good idea as it can rekindle our creative drive. We can draw upon our first inspirations as an artist or enthusiast. Remembering the “Why”, no matter what our chosen profession or vocation, is vital to continuing to create work that is worthwhile.

I have always considered myself to be an artist, even tough at times over the past decade my creative pursuits may have remained dormant. About two years ago, on an especially stressful day, I took a walk. Venturing around a few places in a local park that were new to me, I came across a path that reached underneath an expressway bridge.  The path was only about four feet wide and looked over a deep ravine to train tracks below. Looking across the ravine, I saw this:

Under the Surface - bcmnotes

 I was immediately taken with how such a structure, not typically considered to be beautiful or picturesque, could be an inspiration. This was the image that made me look further into my surroundings, to really take the time to cultivate my creative drive and to make a consistent effort to develop my artistic interests – wherever they made lead.

Enjoy your day!

~ Beth



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