It’s the Little Things…

Not only did I have a wonderful afternoon browsing the artists’ work at the Longs Park Art & Craft Festival, but I also treated myself to a little art indulgence. 

A Gift from Me to Me: St. Mark's Eve - William Thayer

 I have lofty ambitions of developing a full collection of works by artists that intrigue me. While I do not have a full vault to splurge on much, I can, from time to time, pick up a small gem like the one above. 

I spoke briefly with the photographer, William Thayer, in his booth at the Festival this past weekend while I was trying to choose between two of his prints. I had “St. Mark’s Eve” in one hand and a larger print, “St. Mark’s Rain” in the other. Our discussion quickly turned to larger format works vs. smaller pieces. I had to admit that lately, I am gravitating towards the smaller pieces. It seems pleasing to me that this image depicting a vast area of space is captured so intimately in the small-scale print. If viewing on a gallery wall, you would almost have to walk close to really take in the work. The scale draws the viewer into the larger space.

And so, this print is now perched next to me, awaiting proper framing and placement on my wall…I just might have purchase another and make it a pair of pleasing prints!  If you have a moment, visit Mr. Thayer’s website.

Enjoy your evening!


One comment

  1. Karen says:

    The photo that you decided on is lovely.

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