Uncommon Beauty: A Photography Field Trip

Heading into last weekend, I started with a goal to capture images of the sunrise over the ocean. While I did make it to the beach in time to enjoy the sunrise, it was not the resulting photos that sparked my excitement. The images were pretty and the experience enjoyable, but it fell just a bit short of the lofty aesthetic vision I had conjured in my head. 

In fact, the best images from my weekend came from different subjects entirely. I should probably trust my own aesthetic preferences by now, even if they may not be the “standard”.  Consistently, my favorite subjects are not typically from nature, but rather more architectural, found objects, or even common items that may be not be considered intrinsically “beautiful”.  My eye usually drawn to the very weathered pier shown in “Old Salt” or to the contrasting clean lines of “Lincoln”.

Old Salt, Barnegat Light Fishing Pier, August 2011 bcmnotes


Clear Vision, Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, August 2011 bcmnotes


No Leaning, Viking Village, August 2011 bcmnotes


Lincoln, Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, August 2011 bcmnotes

Even though the sunrise mission was not an artistic/photographic success, I was truly inspired by the area.  You just can never predict where the muse may strike. 

Enjoy your evening!



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