Traditions, Ladybugs & German Chocolate

As she grows, I am trying my best to pass along important traditions to my daughter. One of the most vital revolves around birthday celebrations: make it last as long as possible. When I was young, our family spent President’s Week skiing in the Poconos. My birthday was always a part of this week and we would celebrate on our vacation. Upon returning home, we would also celebrate with the rest of our family and Grandparents – thus creating an extended “Birthday Week” or sometimes “Birthday Month”. I did not complain. 

Now that I am an adult, this has continued. (Thanks, Johnny!) Although, more often than not, we only celebrate for a week rather than a month.  I suppose it’s a concession I can accept. After all, I can live vicariously through the four-year old, right?

Now that she is old enough to “get it”, we are making her birthday celebration a bit more extravagant this year.  Now, I do not mean “My Super Sweet Sixteen” extravagance, just a few more guests, special decorations and games. And in an effort to instill the all-important tradition of milking it for all its worth, her celebration has extended from one day to just under a week. To kick off the festivities, we had a special day trip on her actual birthday, cake with her great grandparents the following day and right now, we are gearing up for her “big”party. Birthdays only come around once a year, so why not make it grand!

As the last item on my party To-Do list, today I spent the day in the kitchen baking cupcakes. This is the main dessert for the party, for both the kids and adults. And I have to say, I had a great time creating these little confections!

For the kids, the French Vanilla Ladybug Cupcake highlights the theme of our bash – The Ladybug Picnic.

German chocolate for the adults and the ever popular red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Excitement is brewing over around the house in anticipation for the Ladybug Picnic…the family is stalking the table full of the just-made cupcakes as we speak. Tomorrow will mark the end of birthday week for the munchkin. To my delight, she has embraced this long (well not really that long, I’m not that old) standing tradition with the joy and exuberance only a four-year old can muster. It makes a mother proud.

Until next year…go grab a cupcake for yourself.


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